Terms of Service

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or would like to add or change service please reply directly to the estimate as a text message. If you do not contact or request changes through the messaging center by directly replying to the estimate as a text message your message may be lost. All customer communication after the estimate goes through our messaging center. Your service provider does not have access to the sales phone calls and text messages. It is very important you use the messeging center, not send updates and ask questions over the phone or by texting us through the sale number. At time of service your provider will check our messaging center for special instructions, questions, or updates, not the sales voicemail or texts. Again, please reply directly to your estimate with any questions, updates, changes, or special instructions. If you text us or call us at our sales number (757-289-5886) your message may not get through to our service team. We recommend contacting sales on an emergency only basis. Our messaging center functions exactly like two way SMS and supports photos and videos. All calls, messages, estimates, and jobs are recorded. After hours phone calls and text messages to our sales number will result in a $20 per text or $20 plus $4 per minute on the phone charge on your final invoice. Our business hours for our sales department are Monday through Saturday 0800-1800. This will read “after hours charge” on your final invoice. The charge does not apply to using our messaging center however your message will be answered during sales hours. 
Inclement weather may cause delays in your project. This includes rain, wet conditions, heavy winds. This may cause delivery or materials or labor to be delayed and may have an impact in projects for up to two weeks for small projects and up to a month for larger projects while we work to catch up. Typically, we reassign customers that are rained out on our next available slot, if the project is multiple days long, we will resume when weather conditions clear. Sometimes this delays your project 3 to 7 days until we have an available slot after our scheduled appointments. 
For customers in areas with restricted, non street parking, or permitted parking we will need access to your driveway for service on your service day. Please pickup any toys, dog litter, move any furniture in the lawn, and leave your gate open for service workers.
You may respond in line to this invoice via text message or email to modify, ask questions or get clarification, and ask for changes. Accepting this estimate enters you into a contract with a 33% cancellation fee of the entire project. You will relinquish your deposit in its entirety if materials have been ordered or equipment dispatched for your project. By accepting this you authorize that you are the person listed on the estimate, you authorize that you are the owner or an agent of the property and are legally authorized to approve and agree to the work in this estimate being done at the cost, time, and scope of work described below.
Some work, depending on scope may be subcontracted or done by a different lawn care, landscape, lighting, grading, or irrigation contractor.
All one time customers will see a $10 charge on their invoice for a one time stop scheduling fee and all recurring customers will see a $10 charge for your initial account set up on your first recurring service. You will be charged a setup fee upon restarting service if your service is suspended or paused.
By accepting this estimate you authorize employees of Impact Landscaping to trespass uninvited third-party individuals from the property for the duration of our work that are interfering or creating a safety hazard with our work and or creating a hostile work environment. 
Change Orders and Cancelation Policy
By accepting you understand that this is an estimate and that additional work, disposal, or materials may be required. Be accepting this estimate you understand we may charge up to twenty percent of the total value of the project for additional labor and materials without notifying you and that these charges will be present on your final invoice. Common additional charges include, but are not limited to change in plant or material prices, additional materials and or labor, and disposal. Change of work orders come with a $35-$195 fee depending on the size and complexity of the change for services over $1500. By accepting you understand that service dates stated is subject to change due to weather, prices may change, depending on cost of materials, availability, and substitutions may need to be made. A supplemental deposit may be required in the event of change of orders or price changes on materials such as lumber and seasonal differences in plant costs. We operate on a seven day schedule from 7 AM to 8:30 PM. We do work federal holidays and on weekends. If this poses a scheduling conflict please advise your sales representative for modification to your estimate prior to accepting. 
Our policy for stinging insects such as wasps, hornets, fire ants, and bees if encountered during service is that if we are stung we will notify you of where we believe the nest to be. Your balance is due immediately in the event of a sting and we will reschedule once an exterminator is hired and has taken action to remove or exterminate the pest. We will reschedule your project within 14 days. 
Tall Grass and Overgrown Edges Policy
In cases where your grass is overgrown (greater than 6 inches), we often have to charge an additional fee. This compensates the lawn service crew for the additional time it takes to complete the job. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge up to 3x the original price in cases of extremely overgrown grass. 
In cases where the grass is extremely overgrown (taller than 12 inches), we will add a fee of $103 per man hour for cleanup work. In these cases, it often takes much more time and/or specialty (sometimes gas) equipment. If your edges are over grown outside of the scope of normal maintenance you may be charged a cleanup fee for edging work that requires a shovel or disposal of excess waste material.
By accepting this estimate you authorize us to take photos and or videos while on your property. We may publish these photos for advertising or post them as our work or keep them for liability reasons. If you would not like photos of your home published please notify is in writing prior to accepting this estimate. 
Non Payment,  Delinquent, and NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) Failed Charges
A late fee of $45 per week will be assessed for work billed with a due date of upon completion or for failed automatic payments. If the matter goes into small claims court (5 weeks), we charge a $200 filing fee and we charge a $700 appearance fee for each court date plus any attorneys fees if applicable. 
For one time projects we instate a due date of “Upon Completion” that are unpaid we move to collect the following Monday. We charge a $200 filing fee and $700 per appearance. 
All living materials are sold as is at time of installation. We offer no warranty on living materials unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing below within this estimate. 
By accepting this you authorize us to use your water from an outside faucet while on site for handwashing, cooler filling, watering, washing, filling tanks for use on your property, or any other reason while conducting work on your property. 
Lockout and Obstruction Information
Lawns that are locked on your service day or lawns with dog litter will not be cut. For recurring mowing service you will be charged for this service in its entirety for dog litter and locked gates. For one time services you will be charged a $100 fee at time of service and we will reschedule your project on the next available day if your gates are locked or there is dog litter in the working area.
Loose toys, obstructions, trampolines, grills, lawn furniture not included in your initial estimate may accrue a charge for pickup or furniture moving ranging from $25 to $100.